Kotlin (Mobile Android profile)

Back in 2017, Google acknowledged Kotlin by making it the second official language of Android app development.

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Nullable vs Not Nullable

Kotlin types system differentiates between references which can hold null (nullable reference) and which cannot hold null (non null reference).

Extension Functions

Kotlin provides an ability to extend a class with new functionality without having to inherit from the class or use design patterns such as Decorator.

Lambdas in Kotlin

Lambdas Expressions are essentially anonymous functions that can be treated as values


Java has the synchronized keyword, which can be applied to methods to ensure that only one thread at a time can access them.

Kotlin Extension Library

This library serves as a collection of various Kotlin extensions that simplifies developers life.

Android KTX library

Android KTX is a set of Kotlin extensions that are included with Android Jetpack and other Android libraries.

Data class

Data Classes represent simple classes used as data containers and do not encapsulate any additional logic.

Access modificators

Visibility modifiers are used to determine what other elements of code have access to the element being modified.

Anonymous objects

Anonymous objects can be used to define an implementation of an interface or an abstract class without creating a reusable implementation.

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