Configuration Management

A process for establishing and maintaining consistent settings of a system. These solutions also include SysAdmin tools for IT infrastructure automation.

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Ansible provides a clear and concise way to manage the configuration of Linux infrastructure. It help to make infrastructure more maintainable, quicker to deploy, and easier to understand.


Salt contains a robust and flexible configuration management framework, which is built on the remote execution core. This framework executes on the minions, allowing effortless, simultaneous configuration of tens of thousands of hosts, by rendering language specific state files.


Puppet provides the ability to define which software and configuration a system requires and then maintain a specified state after an initial setup. You use a declarative Domain Specific Language (DSL) that is similar to Ruby to define configuration parameters for a specific environment or infrastructure.


Chef is a configuration management technology used to automate the infrastructure provisioning. It is developed on the basis of Ruby DSL language. It is used to streamline the task of configuration and managing the company's server. It has the capability to get integrated with any of the cloud technology.

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